Vague images of green leaves lead me to a narrow valley that made me giddy from inside. I was Alice in the wonderland running in those lush green gardens ignoring the fact that it was not a fairy tale. The gardens just seemed to be endless and alluring beyond one’s inner desires. I ran flaunting my hair while the grass brushed against my legs till it became colder and then a faint tinge of orange splashed autumn all around me. Somehow I ended up between rocky mountains and clouds. Uncomfortably cold and yet a beautiful sight; the sun made it’s way out from within the clouds to make me warm as if we had an ethereal connection which seemed to have mystified the real world around me. I closed my eyes to let go for a few seconds and let the clouds lift me up. Flying is too much to ask for so I had rather let go considering I am unduly volatile for this neglecting world anyway. But wait, I can’t fall just yet. The sharp squeaky voices start to take over the euphoric clouds around me. Exasperated and yet curious I open my eyes into an entirely new and queer ambience. I see white light at a distance that seemed to be endless and in between were little mushroom heads chattering in their squeaky voices.  My gardens and the mountains now appeared to be so far and the light at the far end reflected its image somewhere deep into my head. The light got brighter and suddenly everything became visible. Although everything always ends with a divine light but that wasn’t the case here. The light at the far end was no divining light but a projector’s light. What baffled me the most were my mountains and the gardens. It got worse when I realised that it was just a tiny green and orange motif on my teacher’s shirt.


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