Goodbyes don’t always hurt.


Time does not stop for dreamers.


     My heart sinks deep within itself every time i see her eyes glitter and her lips reach up to her eyes when the sun finally adores her skin. I envy her when she laughs and runs after her favorite butterfly and isn’t scared of falling or going back home with an injured knee. I take a step back each time to protect those quite invincible wings when she wants to feel like she is the strongest woman in the entire world. I shudder at the thought of her growing up and following my lead because someday she too is going to step back in fear. In fear of not letting those wings made out of glass shatter and let her little angel take the lead.
   Some of us live in the moment. We tend to enjoy our lives more than the realistic people out there but we forget that the moment never lasts and ends with a strong wave that takes everything along with it and leaves you with nothing but destruction. Then comes the moment when we give rise to a new being with lesser flaws and be it’s protection against those beautifully volatile waves.

In search of peace


He stepped out of her house leaving the door open. He left a sparkle in her deep hazel eyes which meant fear this time. A tear fell from her eyes and then he left leaving her in the house that suffocated her when alone.
We are all victims. Victims of scarcity of emotions that we don’t even understand. Sometimes you fail to understand certain emotions because you haven’t learned to accept them. Some people can’t accept love because they learn to see it as a weakness. Love is just a few chemicals playing around in your brain amd once you decide to make them stop then there is no going back. She was looking for peace through that door but she had already seen too many opportunities like him leave before him but this time she knew that the door had had to be shut forever after this last shadow she saw.

Turning over the pages

Some pages are easier to turn over and some take a while and irk you in a very bizarre manner that you won’t even remember in long term. Same is with life.


Some chapters of your story go smooth but a few get you stuck in the center leaving you traumatised. A single page can give you a paper cut and scar you for life. If you turn to run away from it without leaving a mark, you get lost the next time you decide to start from where you left off. Some books have a tragic ending that make you cry and a few have a happy ending that too make you cry. The difference is in the emotions these pages like memories hold. It is always better to go through the review of a book before jumping deep into the core of these chapters with no way out. It is always better to plan before you take a new step in life.